Once you receive your room assignment, it is a good idea to visit the classroom to familiarize yourself with the setup and the equipment:

  • There will likely be a computer and a desk setup in one corner at the front of the room. Make sure that it is working and that you can sign on.
  • Find the light switches and figure out how to raise and lower the video screen. Find the remote for the projector and make sure it works.
  • Is there a podium? That is a good place to set your materials, lecture notes, etc. Place it at the front of the room where it is comfortable to use if necessary.
  • Practice teaching. Walk around, write on the board, speak from behind the podium---this will help you find where you're comfortable so you can form a plan for starting your first day.
  • Don't be afraid to move tables or desks around to create a comfortable environment for you to teach in (just realize you might have to position the table this way at the start of each class, as other teachers will also be rearranging the room in their own classes).
TA Testimony– "When I went to my classroom a few days before teaching, I stood in front of the board and pretended to teach. I realized that the tables were all pushed forward towards the front, crowding in on my teaching space and making me feel claustrophobic. Before I left the classroom, I pushed all the tables back until I felt like I had enough teaching space. And I was very glad to find they were still in that position when I arrived to teach my first day."

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